Monday, November 12, 2007

Virgin Stories :: Virgin Fantasies Become Reality

Kasey was your typical goody-goody teenager. She went to church every Sunday morning, went to Bible study every Wednesday night, was involved in just about every club in school, and recently graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. Everyone knew her, but no one really knew her. Inside there was a different person hiding, too scared to come out. She had this secret obsession with romance, and a secret fascination with sex. She bought racy sex novels and read them late into the night when everyone was asleep. She hid them well in her room so that no one would discover them.

She was also a remarkably attractive young woman. With a size five waist, a D bust, and an ass like J. Lo, she had the figure most girls dream of. In the middle of the night when she was hidden away in her room she would take pictures of herself posing in her bikini so that she could admire herself from different angles. She wasn’t conceited in the least; she just really liked her body.

Well of course once she got to college guys noticed her amazing figure and sought to win her over. She, however, wasn’t interested in dating. That was, until, she met Mark. Mark was two years older with an athletic build, dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes that could melt your heart. In addition to his amazing good looks, he also had a talent for writing. As luck would have it, he sat next to Kasey in English and accidentally left his notebook on his desk when he darted out of the classroom at the end of the period. She picked it up with the intention of giving it back to him the next day, not opening and reading what was inside. However, as she read the huge, bold letters on the front that read “CONFIDENTIAL” she couldn’t resist the urge. As she began to read his eloquently written words, her heart began to beat faster and faster. On the pages of his notebook he had written very detailed sex stories between different characters. Just reading his words made Kasey wet, and she wondered what he could do with more.

The next day Mark came into class and sat next to her again. She pulled his notebook out of her bag and slowly gave it to him. She smiled and blushed as his hand touched hers.

“Here’s your notebook, you left it on your desk yesterday,” she said.

“Thanks! I was wondering where I had left it,” said Mark. Then he added with a sly smile, “You didn’t read it did you.”

Kasey blushed even more and admitted she had, and that she didn’t know anyone could write detailed sex scenes as well as he could. Then she mustered up all of her guts and admitted that she desperately wanted to be the girl in some of his stories, to know what it feels like to have a guy touch her like that and to do the same to him. He, like any guy would be, was surprised and more than willing to volunteer for the job. He invited her to his place that Friday night for dinner and she, of course, accepted.

Friday night finally came and Kasey was a bundle of nerves and excitement. She put on her lacey black bra and matching thongs under her short blue jean skirt and low cut black lacey tank top. Combined with her two inch heels, flawless makeup, and long dark curly hair, she was dressed to kill. When she showed up at his door he nearly lost his breath at the sight of her. She was every man’s dream, and he was going to have her for the first time tonight.

She walked in and looked up at him flirtatiously. Without even thinking he drew her into his arms and kissed her nice, full lips. When she wrapped her arms around him and moaned, he quickly deepened the kiss. Mark had planned on taking it slow but it was impossible for him to stop his hands from roaming her body. From her face he ran his fingers through her hair, then slowly down across her shoulders, and lightly he cupped her nice, firm breasts in his hands as he rubbed his hands gently over them. Hearing her moan even deeper, he continued his exploration of her amazing body. His hands wrapped around her slender waist and slid slowly down to cup her nice, juicy ass. At this discovery they both moaned. His favorite part of a woman’s body was her ass, and she had one that could make a man cry. He slowly continued his journey downward till he reached the hem of her short skirt, and then he slowly began his journey back up. As his fingers ran across her tight, bare ass he massaged it lightly and pulled her closer to him.

Kasey’s head was swarming with a mixture of desires. She felt dizzy enough to faint. It was only his strong arms around her that kept her on her feet. Something about the way he ran his hands over her made her feel incredibly sexy. She ran her fingers through his thick, dark hair then let them wander slowly across his broad shoulders and lightly down his muscular chest. Feeling his muscles underneath her fingers made her even more anxious to have him. He was by far the hottest guy she had ever seen, or felt for that matter.

Mark let his fingers slowly wander around her thighs till his fingers rested between them just below her pussy. Here he could already feel her warmth and wetness. She moaned as she kissed him deeply and put her foot up on the table by his door so she could open her legs more for him. His fingers slid ever so slowly upward and over her thong. She felt like she was about to explode, and she begged him to touch her dripping pussy. She thought she’d go insane if she didn’t have his fingers in her right then. His fingers, however, continued to slowly rub across the silky, now soaked fabric of her thong.

Finally, his fingers pushed aside the fabric to find her warm, wet center hidden beneath. His fingers rubbed lightly across her pussy starting to move at first from front to back and then from side to side. Kasey moaned as she pressed herself against him, willing him to insert his fingers deep inside her. He pressed more firmly against her pussy until the skin started to open up allowing only enough room for one finger to slip inside. She was so tight that he could feel her pussy sucking in his finger as he slid it into her. She moaned as his fingers slowly moved around inside of her, pressing firmly against the sensitive skin surrounding his finger. He then began to slowly pull his finger in and out of her. She strained to open her legs more and press against him. His finger quickened its pace as it brought her closer and closer to the edge. Then, just before she came he pulled his finger out and kissed her deeply. She moaned in frustration, and then lost her breath when she felt him slide back in with two fingers. He slid his fingers all the way in and began to spread them apart to open her up more. Then he started to twist his wrist and move his fingers in and out, and this time he let her climax. He then lifted her into his arms and carried her back to his bedroom.

He sat her down gently on the edge of his bed and kissed her hungrily. Slipping his hands back under her skirt he pulled her thong down over her long, sleek legs and let it fall to the floor. He then pulled his mouth away from her lips to capture her other lips in his. Slowly licking her pussy he savored her delectable flavor and intoxicating aroma. She had the scent and flavor of a sweet, forbidden fruit, one that he felt privileged to experience first. Kasey never imagined the desire he could evoke in her with just his tongue. He easily brought her to several climaxes in a row until all she could think about was how much she wanted- no needed- to have him now. Impatiently she begged him to take and posses all of her.

As his lips found her mouth again her hands went to his pants and began unbuttoning them anxiously. As she slid his pants down, her hands wrapped around his nice, hard cock. Taking it firmly in her hands she slid her hands up and down his huge erection. It was all Mark could do to keep himself from reaching his climax right then. Seeing this beautiful, naked virgin wild with desire for him was almost more than he could resist. He willed himself to hold back and slow down as he drew her up in his arms and laid her flat on his bed. His fingers returned to her warm, wet pussy and worked to open her up more so as not to cause her too much pain. She spread her legs as much as possible and pressed against his fingers inside her. Finally, he pulled his fingers out and positioned himself above her. Slowly he pressed himself against her moist, hungry pussy. Carefully, he began to push his hard cock inside her tight pussy. When he finally got it in he waited a minute for her to adjust to his size and, making sure she was ready, slowly began to move back out. After going slow for a few minutes, he cautiously increased his speed. She reacted by moving her body right in time with his. When he felt her tight, hot pussy cum on his hard cock he lost all his control and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He quickly came deep in her tight little pussy and collapsed on the bed next to her.

As his sanity slowly came back to him and he saw the tears on her cheeks he was instantly worried that he had hurt her. He wrapped his arms around her and fervently apologized for hurting her. She laughed, wrapped her arms around him, and assured him that her tears were those of joy. She had never felt so complete and happy in her entire life. She always knew sex would feel good, but none of her dreams ever amounted to how amazing it was in reality. As they both wrapped themselves around each other to fall asleep, Kasey immediately began thinking of all that she wanted to do at their next meeting.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Celebrity Stories :: The Sexy Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan couldn't seem to control herself. Sweat was building up on her curvaceous body and short but obviously pleasured gasps were coming from her mouth, starting deep inside of her then moving out. The guy below her eating her tight little pussy paid no heed to the signs of her getting more turned on by the second. Instead he let his tongue move up and down the lips of her pussy, tasting the sexual juices that were already leaking out of her.

His tongue stroked her in firm hard licks, making Lindsay's gasps grow louder every second. Lindsay moved her hands to her large, firm breasts, squeezing them as hard as she could, sending a shock of pleasure and pain through her entire body. Mmm! Oh God! She moaned out loudly. The guy licking her pussy seemed to get extremely turned on by her moan, and really who wouldn't, because he took his hands to her pussy and spread her open with two fingers.

He stared inside of her tight pussy walls for a minute, as if looking into something he never thought he'd get to see, then gave her opened pussy a long hard lick. Lindsay jumped as if shocked by electricity and let out one loud moan that echoed all about her room. By this time she didn't care what he did to her. She didn't even care if he raped her, because of the chaos going on in her life right now this felt like the perfect way to let it all out.

The feelings assaulted her sexy frame, making her grope her tits harder, squeezing them and pulling on the nipples to the point where it even hurt a little. But if she felt or cared any about the pain she sure didn't show it. The guy continued licking her in long hard strokes, pinching her lips between his fingers, and finally pointed the tip of his tongue inside of her pussy and pushed it in as far as he could. He met resistence almost right away but not because of her virginity, it's because of how tight she is squeezing him.

Everything about Lindsay's body screams tight. When you see her on tv or even in a bikini, she looks like her body is tight enough to squeeze your dick off. Well he can confirm it now. Her pussy was squeezing his tongue so tightly he was having problems moving it. He let go of her lips and let them close around his tongue, then took his hands to her ankles to spread her legs. From the moment he pushed his tongue inside of her Lindsay lost what control she had left.

Lindsay started to thrust her hips up toward his face, making his long tongue fuck in and out of her tight little pussy. Oh fuck!! Push your tongue inside of me! Harder!! She screamed and gave her tits such a hard squeeze it sent jolts of pain throughout her entire body. She let out a pained moan but she seemed to enjoy it a lot. The guy pulled his tongue out of her and stood up. He's a handsome guy, short brown hair, muscular body, piercing blue eyes, and a smirk on his face.

He's still half dressed, only his shirt off, but he took his hands down to his pants and as he unbuttoned and unzipped them, he turned around so she couldn't see when he threw his pants aside and then brought his boxers down off his body and threw them aside as well. Lindsay's anxious, very anxious because of her still being a virgin. She'd done other things with guys, like oral and even a 69 but had never gone beyond that.

The guy turned around and she got a full look at him. Her eyes widened at the nine inch long cock in front of her eyes. The size of it scared her a little bit which showed in her eyes but for some reason she couldn't explain, her own fear of it turned her on and made her want it even more. This guy had something else in mind though. He walked up slowly to her, letting her arousal build quickly. But instead of moving to her dripping wet pussy, he got on the bed with her.

She was wondering what he was doing until he sat down on her stomach and took her large, firm tits into his strong grasp, making her moan slightly from his touch. Up until this time the guy hadn't said a thing but she heard him clearly when he said, Now I'm going to fuck your tits, Lindsay. Before she could say or do anything he squeezed her tits together and pushed his cock in between them. He moaned slightly but didn't move his cock yet. He just held her tits firmly together and started moving them up and down his shaft.

Lindsay hadn't had her tits fucked since her and getting it now made her moan loudly in lust. She always loved having her tits fucked. Usually they are annoying because a lot of people look down instead of at her face. But when someone fucks them she is very glad she has them. Her tits are very sensitive to any kind of touch so she can usually cum with someone just fucking them. The guys hands were squeezing them very hard and making them fuck his long, thick shaft.

He knew he wouldn't take long to cum all over her, he's been waiting so long to have her like this it's not exactly easy to keep it in. Their loud, lustful moans filtered through the entire room and neither could think clearly past all of the lust. Lindsay looked down as his cock moved in and out between her tits, moving her head slightly so each time the head came out she would lick her tongue across it. Yes!! Fuck my tits! Cum all over them! Please! Lindsay moaned lustfully.

Now if anyone was doing this some to Lindsay and she moaned that out to you, you would cum. Period. This guy is no different. His hips started to thrust his cock between her tits really fast and hard, squeezing her tits brutally hard and making her scream in pain. Oww!! She screamed. It did hurt but for some reason she felt a huge buildup inside of her pussy, it wanting out of her so badly it hurt. With a moan that could be undoubtably heard blocks away, he finally let loose.

Stream after stream of hot thick cum shot all over her beautiful face. The moment she felt his cum on her she also came, screaming in such pleasure that she thought she might pass out. The guy kept fucking her firm tits until every last drop of his cum was out and on her body. Almost immediately, with his cock still between her breasts, her started to rub his cum all over them. Lindsay had stopped cumming but hadn't quite gotten enough of her senses back to say anything.

The guy rubbed his dick against her nipples then whispered in her ear, I wonder how much you'll moan and scream when I fuck your cunt... Her eyes widened but was suddenly interrupted by a phone ringing. She closed her eyes and shook her head slightly to free the cobwebs then opened her eyes again, instead staring into an empty room. A dream...? She asked aloud, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

She blindly felt for the phone as she checked parts of her body for cum. Her pussy could rival Niagra Falls right now but she definitely hadn't been fucked. She could hardly keep her disappointment in even as she picked up the phone. Hello? She asked. A very familiar voice answered her. Yes, Ms. Lohan? There is somebody here to see you. She instantly recognized the voice of one of her bodyguards.

Who is it? She asked and yawned, wondering why hearing his voice was turning her on a little. Ahh...Hilary Duff. She mentioned that she's supposed to be staying with you for a week. Lindsay groaned and placed a hand on her forehead. Ok let her in. I'll be down shortly. Her bodyguard acknowledged that and they hung up. Just great. Lindsay muttered and got out of bed. Another reason to hate Hilary...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Virgin Stories :: The Outcast's Dream

Shelly was always the outcast in school. Kids in the hall wouldn't even look twice at her, especially the boys. She didn't know how it feels to have a boys lips touch hers, her small body caressed, softly moaning as an erect penis enters her soft, wet virgin pussy. She dreamt of the day she would lose her virginity, though she didn't think it would ever happen.

She woke up Monday morning, dreading getting out off bed and having to face those assholes at school. She got out of bed and took off her pajamas, looking at her naked body in her full-length mirror. She thought she had a cute body. Nice smooth legs, flat tummy, B-cup breasts. Why didn't boys like her? She grabbed a pair of tight jeans, a t-shirt, and a white lace bra with matching thong from her closet and got dressed. She went into the bathroom and pulled her hair up in a tight ponytail, put on a small amount of make up, and brushed her teeth, then looked in the mirror again. She rolled her eyes, grabbed her backpack, and ran outside, just catching the bus. She grabbed the front seat by herself, as she did everyday. All of a sudden, Mike Johnson, the boy every girl wanted, was sitting next to her. Shelly looked at him, with a puzzled expression on her face, and asked him, "What do you want?" He laughed, seeing the look of confusion on her face. "I just wanna talk." "Ha! Why would you wanna talk to me?", she asked him. "Well, I was gonna ask you out. Mike said nervously. Her puzzled look turnd into a look of anger. "Get out of my seat!" she said coldly. "It's a free country!" he snapped back. "Then just shut up." Shelly crossed her arms and stared out the window until the bus pulled into the schoolyard.

At the end of the school day, Shelly was grabbing her things from her locker. She slammed it shut, and there was Mike, right on the other side of her locker. "Go away", she said to him and walked away. Mike ran after her. "No, wait!" he caught up to her and grabbed her arm. Shelly was pissed. "What the fuck do you want?!" Mike cleared his throat. "Well, you're really good at Spanish, right?" he asked her shyly. "Yeah. What of it?" she asked back. "Well," Mike started, "my basketball coach says if I don't pass Spanish, I can't play on the team." Shelly looked at him. "What does that have to do with me?" Mike looked back at her, their eyes meeting. "Well, I was hoping you could help me out, you know, like tutor me?" Shelly pulled her arm away from him and ran out to the bus. Mike stood at the door and watched the bus pull away.

"Sweetheart, we're leaving!", Shelly's mom yelled up the staircase. Shelly yelled back, "Okay mom! Have fun!" Shelly's dad grabbed on to her mother's waist and whispered in her ear, "Oh, we will alright." Her mom giggled, and Shelly listened closely to hear the door shut. When it slammed shut, Shelly smiled and turned on her stereo, Green Day blasting out of the stereo. She went down to her living room, jumping around and belting out the words to "When I Come Around", when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped, startled, and turned around to find Mike standing 2 feet in front of her. "What the fuck are you doing here?", she yelled over the music. "I came to see you!", he yelled back. Shelly ran up to her room and shut the music off. As she turned around to run back downstairs, Mike appeared at her bedroom door. "Are you stalking me?", she asked him, a little weirded out. "Naw, just following.", Mike said with a smirk. Even Shelly had to let out a little giggle at that. "Ok, what do you want?" "I just wanted to hang out," Mike said, seemingly shy. "Is that ok?" Shelly looked at him, and he turned his face to "puppy dog" mode. Shelly laughed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Sit down." Mike ran and threw himself on her bed. Shelly smiled and sat down next to him, wondering what she got herself into.

They talked for what seemed like hours about nonsense. Shelly laid down and said to Mike, "You know, it's getting late. Maybe we should call it a night." "Not just yet." Mike licked his lips, then reached his face over to Shelly's and kissed her softly. She let out a gasp as his lips touched hers, but she didn't push him away. They kept kissing, and Mike climbed on top of her, running his hands up and down her body. Shelly pulled away. "Wait a second." Mike looked confused. "What's wrong?" "Shelly looked embarrassed. "I'm a virgin." Mike smiled at her. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle." They started kissing again, stripping eachother slowly. Mike moved his mouth down her naked body and onto her wet, soft clit. He started sucking on it softly, Shelly moaning loudly, as she has never felt such a wonderful feeling in her life. Mike looked up at her and smiled. "Are you ready?", he asked her. Breathless, Shelly smiled at him and nodded her head. Mike climbed back on top of her and kissed her, slowly using his hips to move his hard cock to her tight hole. She moaned as she felt him start to push inside her, then shouted loudly as she felt her hymen break. "Don't worry," Mike reassured her, "it'll get better." He started pumping into her, slowly at first. Shelly felt her pain turn into pleasure as he got faster and faster. She moaned loudly, as he felt so big inside her, and she felt herself give in to his strength. Mike was pounding hard into her now, her beautiful tits bouncing up and down, the sound of her moans turning him on more and more. Mike was at the brink of cumming as he pounded her even harder, making her scream. Then Mike yanked his cock out of her pussy and squirted his gooey, white load all over her belly. Mike fell onto the bed next to Shelly, both of them breathing heavily. Shelly grabbed her shirt and wiped off her belly and her bleeding pussy. Mike turned to her. "Well, how do you feel?" "Well, you just deflowered me. What do you think?" Mike laughed. "Awwww, you know you liked it." Shelly giggled and kissed him again. All of a sudden, Shelly's bedroom door swung open. "Uhh, hi mom, hi dad." Shelly giggled nervously.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Celebrity Stories :: My Jessica Alba encounter

Well to me it all started when I first saw the movie Sin City. After I saw it I went on the Internet to look up stuff about Jessica Alba. I did and what I got was amazing, but I still wanted more. So about a month later I saw "The Fantastic Four" which turned me on really bad. Now I knew that my life long goal is to meet Jessica Alba and fuck her and that sexy body. I did everything I could to try and meet her like entering contests or sending her fan mail, but nothing worked. But when I did the next thing I must have been desperate. I went to the "2006 MTV Movie Awards" and bought a backstage pass. I checked everywhere while backstage but I couldn't find her. I knew that I probably wouldn't see her since she was the host of the Movie Awards this year. I waited around a little bit after the show and again no Jessica. So I decided to leave, but as I was leaving I wasn't looking and I ran into someone who I guess wasn't looking either. I fell on top of a women and we were stomach to stomach. So I said what any other person would say, "sorry" but when I looked up to see who it was I got an immediate hard-on because I fell on top of Jessica Alba. I look into her eyes and then she looked discomforted then she looked down, then I remembered I have a hard-on. Immediately we looked back at each other, and for some reason a smile appeared on her face. At that moment I think she wanted me so I leaned closer and we kissed and then a second time but this time our tounges touched each others and we could feel each others saliva in our mouth. Right away we both stood up and she said her limo was outside so we rushed outside into it avoiding the paparazzi. When we got into the limo she told the driver to drive us to her hotel and while we were being drove there we drank alcohol while we maked out. When we got to the hotel we stubbled out of the limo half drunk and we made our way to her suite. When we got there she said in the sexiest voice "let me slip into something more comfortable" and I did wait. While I waited for her I got some wine and poured it into glasses. She finally got done and when she came out of her bathroom she was in a sexy and fitting silk robe, which made her look even sexier. She went over to the bed and patted it next to her while she took sips of wine and by this time my hard-on was rock hard and there was huge bulge in my pants. I sat down next to her and she pulled the silk rope on her robe out and the robe dropped which revealed her perfect tits and the tightest ass I have ever seen and she was even wearing blue lace bras and panties. At that second I felt a jolt, but I didn't want that to happen yet. So right away she pulled off my shirt, socks, shoes, pants, shorts, and boxers to reveal my huge pulsing dick. She gasped at the site of how big it was, so I took that opportunity to shove my dick into her mouth. She moaned and you could hear mmmmmmmmm..... mmmmmmmm.... then after a few minutes I let her go and I listened to her deep breaths that turned me on even more. Then I grabbed her bra and tore it off revealing her perfect tits with already erect nipples. I started to suck her nipples, licking and rubbing them while she took off her panties. I made may way down to her pussy where I got the site of her light brown bush, which I looked through to find her already wet pink cunt. I started to massage her clitoris with my tounge and she moaned, then louder, and louder. I stopped and said to her that I want to go all the way with her and she nodded as she moaned. I positioned her just right and I held my dick in place and inserted my cock into her pussy. Slowly I got deeper inside of her young pussy as she moaned and said, "yes," "yes," "faster." So I increased my speed and I felt like I was going to cum and so was she but I told her first let me do your ass. I flipped her over and spread her cheecks apart revealing her tiny asshole, I licked it to get it a bit lubricated before I penetrated it. I positioned her and me perfect again and I rubbed the tip of my dick around her asshole to get it a bit more lubricated and I inserted my cock into her asshole. Her butthole was so tight that I thought it was going to tear the skin right off of my cock. After I got as far in as I could I can back then back in, she moaned loudly at this movement so I kept on moving in and out, in and out, until I was about to cum so I took my dick out of her ass and re-inserted it into her tight pussy. And then I started going in and out again, in and out, until I was about to cum my load, and I knew she was about to cum too because she started to arch her back and we both let out a yell at the top of our lungs and.... the juices and warmth felt so good when we both cummed at the same time. After that I let her suck the rest of my cum out in her mouth. We both got dressed and exchanged numbers so just in case either of ever get the urge for sex we can call each other. I left her hotel room with a kiss goodbye and a satisfied look on my face knowing that my fantasy "came" true.